Books by Wolfgang Fritz Haug in non-german languages


en español:

Publicidad y consumo. Crítica de la estética de las mercancías. México (Fondo de cultura economica), 1989. -- Traducción de: >Werbung< und >Konsum< / Systematische Einführung in die Warenästhetik -- Warenästhetik und kapitalistische Massenkultur, Band 1, Berlin 1980 (translation also in Finnish)

Introducción al Capital , Barcelona. Traducción de: Vorlesungen zur Einführung ins >Kapital< -- 1974, 5. ed. 1989. Traducciones también en francés, griego, also in French, Greek, Finnish, Serbo-Croatian, Slovenian.

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in English:

Critique of Commodity Aesthetics. Appearance, Sexuality and Advertising in Capitalism. Introduction by Stuart Hall. Cambridge (Polity Press) & Minneapolis (University of Minnesota), 1986. (Translation of: Kritik der Warenästhetik, 1971; 10 German editions; translations also in Swedish, Serbo-Croatian, Japanese, two different translations in Korean; in Portuguese (Brazil 1997), in Turkish (2007), and Chinese (2008).

Commodity Aesthetics, Ideology and Culture. New York & Bagnolet (IMMRC) 1987. (Original collection of articles; including a bibliography of Haug's writings with over 300 titles until 1987).

Philosophizing with Brecht and Gramsci
(forthcoming in Historical Materialism Book Series, Brill)


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